Job: Application Architect

Title Application Architect
Location Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad
Job Information

Key Responsibilities: Own solution architecture blueprint, component design and/or class design based on the requirements, implement key modules, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, conduct benchmarking and performance tuning exercises, conduct design reviews, code reviews, performance reviews, engage in proof of concept exercise, contribute in the creation of reusable assets.

Experience and Skills Summary: Must have worked intensively on the architecture, design and implementation of projects focusing on the engineering of the application tier. Must possess recent hands on experience on using Microsoft technologies particularly .NET. Must be familiar with architecture principles, design methodologies, best practices and problem troubleshooting techniques. Prior Experience in applications with layered and service oriented architectures and working experience with frameworks such as Enterprise Library is desirable

Experience: Minimum of 12+ years of IT experience on the Microsoft platforms.

Mandatory Skills (Technology/versions):.NET (2.0 and above), Basic SQL Server (2005 and above)

Interpersonal Skills: Ability to communicate ideas clearly, Execute leadership role on joint problem troubleshooting exercises, ability to mentor team members with lesser experience, good listening skills, professional handling of customer interactions

Job Requirement: Architect is expected to be responsible overall for the solution architecture, design and non-functional attributes for one or more CIO applications. Besides having to create, extend and refine the architecture and design artifacts, architect must make key technology choices and decisions, actively engage in the implementation of critical pieces of functionality, review the output of other team members and closely monitor and improve non-functional attributes such as performance and security.

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